Every household needs a good broom.

There is something about Earth Day in April that makes me want to wax poetic about an unsung heroine of our household.

It’s true, we have become a culture of people who love our gadgets and I will admit to being among them. My iPhone is rarely out of reach and Kathleen is a huge fan of our robotic vacuum. Today, however I want to sing the praises of a basic tool I believe every household still need: our eco-friendly, ergonomic broom and her companion the dustpan.

I’ve seen the insides of hundreds if not thousands of homes, and I have yet to go into one where a good broom and dustpan aren’t welcome, even serve as the household heroine.
Most of us have a broom, but some just doesn’t work very well. Or we can’t find it. Or we don’t have a good dustpan. Or we can’t find the dustpan. So we put up with dirt on the floor because to get a vacuum, make sure the bag isn’t full, find the right attachment, and then plug it in can take more time than we have at the moment, when all we need is a quick sweep so we can get off to our next chore.
Quality is important. If the broom doesn’t do the job easily, you won’t want to use it. Should you find yourself without a broom or have one that doesn’t make sweeping up a productive and efficient task, take a few minutes and do your homework.
Here are the qualities I look for:
1. Flexible bristles that bend as you sweep. Not too soft. Not too stiff.
2. Make sure it sweeps up light dust bunnies as well as heavier dirt.
3. A dustpan that’s made just for your broom. It snaps right onto to the broom, making the pair a complete system, is the right width (the same as the broom), and hugs the floor, so dirt goes into the pan and doesn’t escape.
Location is everything. Now what your household heroine needs is a good home in the kitchen or another spot as close to the action as possible. A handy hook or closet with no obstructions makes it so the broom is easy to put back where it belongs. The key to success here is easy access so everyone knows where the broom lives.
How easy is it to sweep up at your house? Have you hugged your broom lately, or is it time to consider a replacement or relocation? Your Life Simplified community would love to know.
Earthday and everyday, it’s a great life, simplified!
Bettina Blanchard

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