Four Ways to Give Last Minute Lucy the Boot

If I had an evil twin, her name would be Lucy. That’s right, Last Minute Lucy, and while she claimed to be highly motived, extremely efficient, and a team player, in truth she was my nemesis. I’ll admit, Lucy and I both love a deadline.  I love the motivation and energy of getting things done.  I think Lucy was just […]

How To Say YES with NO

I am not alone here, I know, we are bombarded by requests for our time, our space, our resources (financial and otherwise) constantly. Buy this, take that, do this, have more… the list goes on. Often time we say yes. Ok. Sure. Why not? Especially if it is free. Besides, it is easier to say yes and […]

5 Simple Strategies To Overcome Inertia Now

Have the words “Are you stuck?” really appeared multiple times in the subject line of my email over the past month, or does that just describe what I‘ve been feeling lately? Maybe it’s similar to noticing Ford Transit Connects driving around when I was considering a new ride. Awareness attracts. You see, I have a […]

Plan B

“Things not going according to plan? Let your inner plan B emerge and follow that like it was meant to be.” I am a firm believer in Plan B. Plan B crops up for me when I am full on working Plan A. And it’s not happening. At some point it occurs to me, there […]

Play It By Ear

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? While we can’t say yes to everything we have ever wanted to do, we are never too old (or too young for that matter), to follow the path of our passion. My brother pointed out that I am now the same age as the speed […]

Not Only Neat, But Clean

My realtor friend Marc Gup  asked me if I would write about the importance of not only neat, but clean, when it comes to selling homes. And while cleaning is one of my favorite subjects, I understand it’s not for many people. Calling it a necessary evil is the best most can muster. We all have […]

Driven to Distraction

“I am not going to die today,” I thought. Yet, I was terrified. I was riding in the passenger seat of an SUV with a respectable, responsible, 50 something, guy at the wheel. We were sharing a ride to the job site in his car. He was looking up phone numbers and making calls on […]

Maybe Means NO

After considerable thought I have come to the conclusion that maybe means no. Period. If I am ambivalent about acquiring something, I am simply not ready or it is not the right thing. How many “maybes”  live in your closet,  cupboard, garage or basement? When was the last time you reached for a maybe and actually used it? Honestly? […]