So You Can Love Where You Live (Why I Do What I Do)

I was probably 10 when my brother nicknamed me the “White Tornado”. When he needed help finding the floor in his bedroom, I would hear “Sis, can you help me clean my room?” As the younger sister, I relished the opportunity to be in charge. Even then, this was my strong suit and we both knew it.

What we didn’t know is where this would lead. I want people to love where they live and I have spent a better part of the past 15 years in business doing just that. I want people to be able to relax and recharge, in their tidy, clean, inviting space. It helps make us happy if we love where we live, and happy people make the world a better place.

Finding the balance between owning stuff and living life is where I spend a fair amount of time. I like stuff too, but I like people more. (And if pressed, I will say that my accordion is an exception to this rule. But that’s a story for another time. )

The reality is the more we have stuff, the less we have time. The numbers don’t lie. The obvious cost is when we make a purchase. Hidden is the cost of ownership. Every single thing takes up space and needs a place where we can find it again. It may also require some amount of maintenance.

I’m here to help you love where you live!

Bettina Blanchard

About Bettina Blanchard

It’s not what we have, it’s what we do that makes life fun. Professional organizer, business owner, radio show host, accordion player, I love to live and write about finding the balance between having and doing.