Legacy Planning-It’s Not Too Soon

Three Generations

Three Generations

Kathleen and I were out to dinner one night with my Mom and my son. Mom was nearly 87 and still driving, and dear son is only weeks away from his learner’s permit. Something about their 72-year age difference gave me the idea that it’s not too soon to think about my legacy. If I could have Kyle understand just one thing about this life from me, what would it be?

It came to me in a flash. I want him to know himself. In order to enjoy life to the fullest, he needs to know his passion. I want whatever it is that lights him up to be the thing for which he is known, sought after, renowned for. If I could pass on just one thing to him, it is that his passion becomes his constant companion.

The truth is, I want that for everyone I know. But since becoming a parent, there simply is no one for whom I want it more. Now I know I can’t control the outcome. But I can walk the talk. I can lead by example. I can make my vocation my avocation. I can, and I do. And so can you!

Start by being on a first-name basis with your passion. Know what comes easily, not what’s easy to do. It’s your sweet spot. Your passion may well be more than one thing, but we all have at least one. I can recommend a great book on the subject called How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead. It’s part science, part art. Backed by research and years of study, Sally and her team developed the Fascination Advantage Test. Purchase the book you get to take the test for free.

In How the World Sees You, Sally says that “the greatest gift you can give someone is to show them how they make a difference.” I couldn’t agree more.

Now you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a 15 year old take a test (on summer vacation no less). There must have been something in my voice the other night for Kyle to follow my lead so closely. He remined me to send him the link and took the Fascination Advantage Test right away.

We learned that his archetype is called The Intrigue. Discerning. Perceptive. Considerate. His primary advantage is Passion, the language of relationships. His secondary advantage is Mystique, the language of listening. He now has access to a wealth of information to help him bring his passion to light.

I am The Catalyst. I inspire action. How does the world see you at your best? Find out at www.howtheworldseesyou.com. Live your passion today. It’s a shortcut to a great life, simplified.

Bettina Blanchard

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