Thinking of Going Public?

Computers, devices, and technology in general have changed the way we live and work–a lot. We can video chat with people around the globe, capture life in the moment, and share it instantly with friends. We can take our technology practically everywhere.

The Internet has created many opportunities for us on the physical plane as well. Our homes, for example, have become a virtual income stream.

Thanks to technology and the Interwebs we can rent out space in our houses–a couch, a room, an entire dwelling–to people from around the globe from our smart phones. Airbnb they call it. And it’s the rage.

What’s not to like? I love having kitchen access when I’m away from home. For less money than it costs to rent a hotel room, I can have access to the sink and a toaster–or the whole house. I can read reviews about the hosts, the amenities of their places, and their neighborhoods. This makes me an informed, economical consumer.

Likewise, my hosts can learn about what kind of guest I am. Do I leave the place as I found it? Am I fairly tidy–or not? The point is, this information is often available so we can pick and choose who we rent to.

Homes are our refuges and our havens. They are where we recoup and recharge our minds, bodies, and souls. How we keep them is up to us. They are meant to be lived in. But, if we are renting to the public, that should raise our housekeeping standards, in fact, put them into a whole different category.

Here are some tips if you are considering your home as another stream of income:

1. Less is more. Banish the excess collections of you name it. Space is what people are renting. Show that there is room for them.
2. Choices are over-rated. Adopt a Trader Joe’s mentality. Have what people need and no more.
3. Eyes of a visitor. Over time, wear and tear become part of our landscape, from the condition of trim paint to furniture and rugs. Get some honest feedback on what needs freshening up and get busy.
4. Squeaky clean. Kitchens and baths especially need to be spotless. Not just the obvious tub, toilet, shower. Clean out under the sinks and in the cabinets. Appliances, including ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators, should look like new. Invest in a box (or two) of white eraser sponges and have at it.
5. Do windows. Think of how well you can see when your eyeglasses are clean. Same applies here.
6. Go Pro. Show your space at its best. Professional photographers will make the difference.

You are a business now. Be friendly, be helpful, be punctual. Have a backup plan for meeting your guests if you have delegated this task.

The Internet has leveled the playing field for homeowners who want to rent out space to the public. Now lots of folks can enjoy the benefits of passive income. A great experience for hosts and guests alike awaits those with a welcoming heart and home.

It’s a great life!

Bettina Blanchard

About Bettina Blanchard

It’s not what we have, it’s what we do that makes life fun. Professional organizer, business owner, radio show host, accordion player, I love to live and write about finding the balance between having and doing.