Boxes-Keep or Not to Keep?

Dear Bettina,

Question: we have three HUGE iMac boxes that our computers came in. Beth wants to trash them since they take up so much space. I always keep original boxes in case I need to ship the items for repair or to sell. They take up a TON of room. So…we can’t be the only ones to deal with this. What do you recommend?

Brian, The Boxer

Dear Brian,

Boxes, boxes, boxes. I get it. I have the same issue. Here’s how I handle it. I keep all boxes of new stuff, electronics particularly for about 3-6 mos. I have a spot I just toss them (katheen’s side of the basement on top of a cupboard.) That way if something needs to be returned, easy peasy.

Periodically I go thru and recycle the oldest. Now the computer boxes, especially iMacs, yeah they are big. That said, if I ever have to ship it, well, that’s the best. I eventually found room in the rafters of my garage. Outta sight but there if I ever do need it. Are all your iMacs the same age & model? Could you pair down to 1 or 2 instead of 3 or are they all different?

On the other hand… we live near a Apple Store. I see lots of people carrying their iMacs in under their arms, since they do fix machines at the genius bar. I am thinking that is a very viable option. I might keep the very newest one in some remote location. But definitely put a time limit on all those that stay. You could even mark it on the box with a sharpie. Hope that helps.

Bettina Blanchard

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