If You Can’t Find a Place You Love, Build One, or Twelve!

This is brilliant and beautiful. Amazing and awesome. Outstanding and out-of-the-box. Susan Morris and Chip Newell want to love where they live so well, that they are developing the next coolest place in Portland, Maine to live…118 Munjoy Hill.

The design plans for these condos are phenomenal. Every little detail is thought through with great creativity and care.This is taking Love Where You Live to the next level!

Susan and Chip had a checklist of 10 desirable features for their purchase of a condominium when they decided to move to Portland. When they couldn’t find the condo of their dreams, their 10 criteria became the design blueprint for 118 on Munjoy Hill.

Now 11 other owners will benefit from their creative problem solving. Construction is now complete. It’s not too late to become one of the happy owners. There are still 1 or 2 units available for purchase. Check it out and if not you, anyone you know wants to live the dream in Portland?

I wonder if I can convince Kathleen that condo living is for us?

Bettina Blanchard

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