What’s In Your Closet?

I met a great gal today who is a Style Consultant. Her name is Annie Shaw and she helps people figure out what works and what doesn’t in their wardrobe.

Now I have been in and out of hundreds of closets over the years, and can tell you first hand, this is a service everyone needs. We have all made purchases that never see the light of day. “But I a paid a lot of money for that jacket, I can’t let it go”, we wail.

That may be true, but closet space is finite. We aren’t doing ourselves any favors by keeping clothes we never wear or haven’t worn in years. It’s a little easier to edit when things are obviously too big or too small, it’s harder when you can’t put your finger on why you never don something you just had to have.

Do you know what styles look good on you, what colors compliment your skin tones, even what jewelry, silver or gold, look best? Having this information saves not only time and money, it helps prevent buyers remorse.

While I am not what you might call fashion forward, I have, finally, figured out my style. I have also had my colors done and I will tell you the best part isn’t knowing my season, I know I look good in red, but what shades of red? Is there really a yellow that looks good on me? Having this information I found, isn’t limiting, it’s liberating.

Kathleen and I share a fairly small closet so we must be honest about what gets to live there. Recently we both went through the closet (one of us under duress, I’m not saying which one) and made the annual evaluation. Four bags of clothes to Goodwill later, and I am pretty sure I heard our closet sigh with relief. Or maybe it was my dresser. Ok, it was me.

I get to make lots of choices in my life. Lots. I don’t need to be overwhelmed with options for dress that get passed over day after day. A closet or drawer may not be where you would expect to find white space, but it is a welcome sight when you do.

Annie’s tagline is Find Your Fabulous and I couldn’t agree more. Make friends with the contents of your closet. Love every blessed item in there or just pull that bandaid off and make them go away. It is more than ok if there are fewer things to love, it after all, a great life, simplified.

Bettina Blanchard

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